Trekking in Northern Laos – 2 DAYS / 1 NIGHT

The traveler who wants to find places that few others have been to would be well advised to head toward Ban Long Lao. Characterized by small, quaint and charming villages where little has changed in centuries, we explore a number of trekking routes through the landscape. Here guests can experience a wide variety of ancient traditions and customs. Lao people tend to be undemonstrative, modest, gentle, patient, kind and perhaps just a little shy.

You may sometimes get the feeling that they haven’t quite got used to seeing tourists on their streets or in their village. But if you’re equally patient and respectful with them, you’re sure to be rewarded with friendship. Departing on a series of trekking routes around the region, we also encounter the Living Land Farm – a community initiative setup so visitors can experience farming techniques while providing a living for local people.

Trekking in Laos

Tour Schedule

Day 1: Luang Prabang – Trekking Ban Long Lao – Kuangsy Waterfall – Ban Thapene

Depart on foot to explore the northern region of Laos around Ban Long Lao, stopping at its most famous waterfall.

Day 2: Ban Thapene – Living Land farm – Luang Prabang

Visit the Living Land Farm to try your hand at local farming techniques. We then return to Luang Prabang for an onward departure.